Homegrown Conservative


on the Issues


For a thriving community and stable economy

Dean will help give children the opportunity to create rewarding careers by supporting policies that improve the intersection between education and jobs. As a private citizen, he worked to push the high school drop-out age from 16 to 18.


Jobs and the Economy

Because it’s time for NC to go back to work

It’s time for a chance of pace. North Carolina needs lower personal income and corporate tax rates, and it needs workers to come off unemployment. Dean will put in the work needed to give our state a competitive edge—domestically and internationally.

As a former business owner, Dean understands the challenges small operations face every day. We can count on him to cut red tape and end regulations that block growth. His goal is to put more money into the community—and into the taxpayer’s pockets.


Local Infrastructure

Let’s build a future worth protecting

Over the past century, North Carolina has become a national leader in agriculture, financial services, and manufacturing. Almost half of the US population is located within a day’s drive, and we have the 2nd largest highway system in the nation, with over 90,000 miles of road. Dean knows that our roads, bridges, waterways, and amenities must be maintained if we want to continue growing and thriving.



North Carolina must protect its natural resources

As an $87 billion industry employing 17% of the state’s workforce, North Carolina agriculture feeds families and grows our economy. We lead the nation in sweet potatoes, as well as egg and poultry production; and we rank third in the country for Christmas trees, pork, trout, and turkeys. Dean will work hard to protect the farmers who produce the food and resources we count on every day.


Fiscal Responsibility

Balancing the budget for generations to come

Politicians spend our tax dollars on a whim every day. But as a former business owner, Dean will use his fiscal experience to set our budget to rights. He has the experience, skills, and wisdom needed to manage our resources the way they should be managed. We can trust Dean to ensure our taxes are used on the things we need most, especially during these tough times.